About Crimson Road

10Crimson Road is the husband and wife team of Worship Leaders, singers and songwriters, Joey and Kristi Stroud.  Joey and Kristi both grew up in Christian homes where the foundations of their faith were built.  Being Christians from a young age, their lives centered around church.  Kristi’s dad was a deacon, and Joey’s dad was a pastor.  The rich heritage given to them is nothing either would change.

However, as adults, Joey and Kristi made choices that violated the very foundations they valued and lived.  The choices changed their lives forever, as well as the lives of the people they loved.  The subsequent years following 2004 were filled with pain as both went through periods of anxiety, depression, and hopelessness.  In spite of their failures, God never stopped pursuing them.  The journey of repentance, forgiveness, and redemption was slow, but the good work that God began in each of them, He has been been faithful to continue.

This good work began to show its fruit when Joey was asked to lead worship on an interim basis at a church in Conroe, TX.  Joey and Kristi saw this opportunity as a door that God was opening for them.  Joey and Kristi began leading this congregation of over 1000, and with each subsequent week, they started seeing the fruit from their ministry.

While Joey was a seasoned worship leader, leading people throughout the United States, Canada, and Switzerland, it had been years since he had led worship for an established church.  Kristi, who also was a veteran worship team leader and singer, was also faced with the challenges of leading again.  However, they found themselves leading from a different place…a place of brokenness.  The grace that each had experienced was evident in every song they sang.  God’s grace continued to pour over their lives as God began giving them a defined ministry.  Along with this defined ministry, God also began giving them a new song.

While both Joey and Kristi were singers and worship leaders, neither considered themselves songwriters; however, this changed in 2013.  After re-reading a book that had made such an impact on Kristi’s life, she wrote the lyrics to what has become the theme song for Crimson Road.  She penned the song, “How Could He Love Me Like This.” She gave the song to Joey, where he modified some lyrics and set the song to music.  Since that time, God has given them many more original songs and continues to show them that the good work He began, He will continue.  Their debut album, “Crimson Road,” is a reflection of this good work with nine out of the ten songs on this album being songs they wrote.  Joey and Kristi feel as though God inspired each of these songs for a purpose…to share their story of failure, grace, and redemption with the world.