When it just piles up…

Let me ask you a question.  Are the bills piling up?  Are the debts piling up?  Is the stress piling up?  If you answered yes to any of these three or any number of questions like that then consider yourself NORMAL.  Why is that normal?

On our CD, we wrote a song called “Field of Dreams.”  The story behind that song goes something like this.  After lunch one Sunday after noon with my sister and brother-in-law, we were having a discussion about how it just seemed stuff was “piling up.”  We felt like life wasn’t giving us a long enough break.  At that moment, I was reminded of a line I read in a book one time (wish I could remember the name…) which stated that the reason we feel so much of what we feel that is negative and not healthy is that our souls long for the garden.  In other words, our souls want things to be perfect, like it was in the Garden of Eden.  Every thing that could ever be wanted or needed was amply provided with only one clause.  “Don’t eat THAT tree!”  Of course I paraphrase what was said, but the meaning is pretty on point.  However long Adam and Eve spent in the Garden before that fateful moment was perfect.  Can you imagine such an existence?  It’s funny isn’t it how we often compare ourselves to those who seem to have it all together.  NEWS FLASH!!!  No one, and I mean NO ONE has it all together.  It just seems that way.

Our church culture has become very good at image management.  Those that have it down to an art form are the ones we typically think of when we think, “man, they have such a perfect life.”  My friend, they really don’t.  They just have an image to maintain that dictates that their lives appear perfect.  So when the stuff of life starts to pile up and you hate where you find yourself, just remember…it’s supposed to be that way.  We aren’t home yet.

“Field of Dreams” by Crimson Road.

On the journey…

Crimson Road

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