When things seem to stop…

I sit here at my desk at school and our computers are down.  Well, it’s not my computer but the computers the students use.  The school where Kristi and I teach is technology driven, and the students spend a majority of their day on the computer.  So, when the computers go down…things just seem to come to a stop.  Notice I said they “seem” to come to a stop.  The fact is, even if the students can’t use the computers, there are teachable moments that can occur.  As the teacher, I have to provide them.  As students, they have to embrace them.  Those teachable moments, when they occur, can sometimes be the most significant learning that ever occurs.  Why in the world do I even mention this?

This last Sunday, our Pastor taught from the 23rd Psalm.  Chances are, you know most, if not all of that Psalm by heart.  Wouldn’t you agree that when we are in those valleys of life, that it often seems that God’s love, provision, and leading just stop?  Again, notice I said it “seems” as if it does.  The fact is, God NEVER stops His work within us.  His desire is to transform us into new creatures.  What He knows is that sometimes, the greatest transformation occurs in the valleys.  In the valleys, we hurt.  In the valleys, we feel lost.  In the valleys, we even feel abandoned…as if God has just gone silent.  My friends, He hasn’t nor will He ever.  Nothing can separate us from His love…nothing.  Not even the deepest valley.  As I close this short blog, I’m reminded of a song Steve Green sang many years ago.  The chorus reads…”Hidden valleys produce a life song.  Hidden valleys will make a heart strong.  Desperation can cause you to sing.  Hidden valleys turn shepherds to kings.

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