Change Is A Comin’

Kristi and I are excited to share some new things.  We spent a weekend up in Nashville and made some wonderful new friends and partners in ministry.  We came away with some fresh ideas.  A few of those ideas were how to market our ministry more effectively.  This blog is a result of one of those ideas.  We plan to write a blog weekly dealing with a number of topics that we hope you will find interesting.  When you see a new blog post, we invite you to join our blog.  When you do, you will get an email notification that a new blog has been posted.  We would love for you to share our blog with your friends and family.  When you do, more people go to our website and the potential for more bookings can occur.

Another great thing that happened is we partnered with a co-writer.  Up until this point, Kristi and I have written all of our music.  One reason we went to Nashville was to meet with some song writers and get a few tips and pointers that would allow us to be better song writers.  Out of that, and to our surprise, we were invited to start co-writing.  We are excited about this partnership and hope God uses us in new ways to reach new audiences.

Lastly, we are making plans to start working on a second project.  This project will be a 5 or 6 song project but I PROMISE you are gonna love it.  Not gonna give away the details yet.  But in the near future, we will be asking for your help.  Remember, we are INDEPENDENT ARTIST.  This means we don’t have anyone other than ourselves and you to help our next project become a reality.  So, be on the look-out for information on how you can be a part of the next step of our journey.  God bless and until next week…


On the journey…

Crimson Road

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Crimson Road Music

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