Crimson Road 2.0

Hello friends.  Yes, Crimson Road still exists!  The season of our lives the last year and a half has been quite the journey.  Our concert schedule slowed down but our Worship Leading ramped up.  We have led worship and been on staff in interim positions for the last couple of years.  In 2017, Joey accepted a role as Worship Pastor at a church in Huntsville, TX.

In addition, Crimson Road has continued to write songs.  While none of the songs have been released, there are plans to start releasing singles this year!  We have partnered with some wonderful people to help sharpen our skills and ensure that what we write is ready to be released.  So, be on the lookout this year for some new songs!  If you would like to contribute, please use use the button provided to share in our ministry.

We still love to do ministry outside of our local church and would love to come to your church for any event in which you feel our message would be a good fit.  Use the contact page to send us an email.

We are going to start blogging again and hope that what we write will be inspiring and challenging.  Blessings to all of you and we’ll see you down the road.


Joey and Kristi

We’d love to come to your church!

Thanks for visiting our site! We are BOOKING NOW for 2016!  Just press the BOOK CRIMSON ROAD tab, fill in the information, and we will get back in touch immediately.  Take a look around the website, listen to our music, and pray about hosting us.  We’d love to come to your church or event!  We are available to lead:

  • worship
  • conferences
  • retreats
  • full concerts
  • Sunday School classes
  • special events
  • choir/praise team/band workshops

Whatever the need, we are here to serve and share the message of hope only found in Jesus Christ.

Another year…and another year

2016 was a crazy year for us.  Our concert schedule slowed down but the opportunity to lead worship picked up.  It seemed that there were even opportunities that I might be offered a position as Worship Leader in at least three churches over the course of the last year.  As it turned out, none of those doors opened fully.

It was hard, and still is hard, to understand what God chooses to do and not do.  We try to lean in to Him for leadership and guidance…and just when we think God is showing us something, what we saw was not was He was seeing.  We are grateful to these churches for giving us the chance to lead on an interim basis:  Golden Acres Baptist Church in Pasadena, TX; Fellowship of the Rockies in Colorado Springs, CO; and Crossview Church in Magnolia, TX.  In each of these places, we met wonderful people who are devoted to God and to His church.  We feel we made some life long relationships with people.

As we look toward 2017, we have NO idea what to think.  What doors, if any, will open?  So,  another year has come, and another year is approaching.  We would love to minister at your church.  If you would like to host us for an event, please send your request and we will give you all the dates we have available.